our clients are helping

There is always a way for anyone of us to become a sponsor, even with a small sum of money, because when we put together our efforts, we can do big things. The "Let’s keep children home" SMS charity project is the one that unites Orange Armenia customers with their operator for a bright cause: support children to grow up in their families.

A number of families in Armenia living in extreme poverty have taken the difficult decision to hand one or more children to state institutions for their care. In partnership with World Vision Armenia, the Orange Foundation initiated the charity project in June 2012 in order to provide support to these families.

Within this project Orange customers can donate 200 AMD by sending an SMS to the short number 1234, and 500 AMD by sending SMS to the short number 5678 . At the end of each month the Orange Foundation doubles the amount donated and transfers that amount to World Vision Armenia, to support one family for the given month. With donated amount a sustainable source of income is created for the family depending on their specific situation, and the skills of one or both parents. This allows the family to work and get the stable income needed to keep their children in the family and out of state institutions, without having to depend on charity continuously.

Thanks to this project, 32 children have returned home since June 2012.

For more information on this project as well as to watch news reports about it, please visit the news and video section of the Orange Foundation website.