video reports

Sergey grandpa’s life with bright colors again with the help of “Eye Care” project, December 2015

With the help of Orange subscribers, 2 more children will spend New Year with their family, but not at the institution, November 2015

51 million AMD investment of Orange Foundation will significantly change daily life of Zangakatun village inhabitants, November 2015

Significant changes in the near-border Paravakar village, Tavush region due to Orange Foundation 52 million AMD investment, November 2015

With the support of Orange Foundation a kindergarten now
operates in Tsovak village of Gegharkunik region, September 2015

One more family received help thanks to the
“Let’s keep children home” program, October 2015

2 more children will go to school from their home,
not from an institution, August 2015

Orange Foundation keeps supporting
children with autism, August 2015

Orange Foundation new projects
in Gegharkunik region

Orange Foundation will invest 52 million AMD in the
near-border Paravakar village, Tavush region

With the help of Orange subscribers,
one more child is back home, July 2014

The Orange Foundation in the near-border
villages of Chinari and Zorakan, July 2014

Around 2800 inhabitants of Gegharkunik region
benefitted from free eye care services, July 2014

Together we change people’s life, February 2014

SMS Charity, January 2013

Audiolibrary Project, July 2013

Gym in Ptghavan, Eye Care in Noyemberyan, Berdavan launch, July 2013

SMS Charity 1 year films, June 2013

Launch of Berdavan project, July 2013

Eye Care Project in Tavush marz, July 2013

Autism Summer Camp, August 2013

Eye Care Project in Lori Marz, August 2013

SMS Charity Project, October 2013

Autism Human Story, November 2013