51 MAMD to be invested by Orange Foundation in Zangakatun border village of Ararat region 25.11.2015

51 MAMD to be invested by Orange Foundation in Zangakatun border village of Ararat region

The next, already the 3rd “One Village” initiative of Orange Foundation will be implemented in Zangakatun border village of Ararat region. This complex development project of Orange Foundation, seeks the aim to radically change the life of a selected village through targeted investment in core areas, including economic activity, education, health and irrigation.

“One Village” has already been launched in Zangakatun village and today representatives of Orange Foundation and Armenian Relief Fund have visited the community to see already completed and in progress works.

Considering the involvement of the significant part of the villagers in apple orchard growing and fruit processing, in the scope of “One Village” project it is planned to establish an agricultural cooperative furnished with special equipment for cultivation of apple tree gardens and production of dried apples. Plus, special courses will be organized for the members of agricultural cooperative to help them increase the productivity of gardening, dried fruits production, marketing and distribution. Representatives of the Foundation have visited the location of the production of dried apples, where reconstruction works are in ongoing. Orange Armenia employees are participating to the latter on volunteering basis.

In the frame of the project funds will be allocated to reconstruct the irrigation system of the village, which will highly contribute to reduction of water loss, as well as will provide a possibility of expansion of apple tree gardens by 40 hectares and use of lands now idle due to water deficit.

In the scope of “One Village” project the medical ambulatory of the village, which serves as well 4 neighboring communities, will be renovated. During the visit a vehicle was handed to the ambulatory, to enable availability of medical services to the inhabitants of the neighboring communities. Also, renovation works in the kindergarten envisaged by the project have already been completed. This will enable proper organization of children’s everyday life. In order to ensure the correct nutrition of children, special classes will be held for the kindergarten staff and children’s parents.
As part of the project, the computer room of the village school, has been refurnished as well as appropriate supplies provided to make extracurricular activities held at school more productive and interesting. A Youth Club will as well be established at the school.

“One Village” project in Znagakatun village is implemented jointly with the Armenian Relief Fund, with direct involvement of local population. Orange Foundation will dedicate 51 MAMD financial support to the project.

“Everyday problems of rural communities, especially those of border villages, continue to be at the center of attention of Orange Foundation. We think that “One Village” project directed towards complex development of rural communities, simultaneously addressing the problems relating to economic, healthcare and educational aspects of community life, enables to achieve tangible results and significantly improve everyday life of the community. October marked the end of large-scale works carried out in Paravakar village of Tavush region in the scope of “One Village” project, and we were pleased to see the difference it had made in the life of the population of Paravakar,” said Aleksandr Yesayan, General Director of Orange Armenia.

This complex development project, implemented by the Orange Foundation is already the third: the first one was implemented in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region in 2014 and the second one was completed this year in Paravakar village of Tavush region.

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