rural development

We believe that Armenia is not only its big cities and towns, but also all the villages and the people who live there. Many of these villages are facing economic or social issues because of their geography, climate or size. With partners such as Shen NGO, G2iA, Children of Armenia NGO and others, the Orange Foundation has supported a number of projects in rural communities, making a positive impact on the day-to-day life of thousands of Armenian villagers.

From 2010-2013, the Orange Foundation supported the establishment of computer rooms in 28 villages, kindergartens in 8 villages, gyms in 13 villages and community centers in 2 villages. Computer rooms become an important place for the whole village, as everyone can get access to internet, communicate with relatives or family living abroad, and get computer classes. Kindergartens are important for any community because they are a source of direct employment for the women of the village and also allow families to leave their children in good hands for a few hours each day while they do work and increase the family budget. Gyms are important for the youth of the village and give them a healthy way to spend their free time, especially in the winter when there is not much to do outdoors. Community centers provide good conditions in which to hold community meetings, take joint decisions, host libraries and have cultural events.

In 2014, this work will continue in other villages, but the Orange Foundation will also support the development of economic opportunities in agriculture and other areas, aiming to help villagers improve their financial situation.In 2014, the Orange Foundation implementեդ for the first time the “Village” comprehensive project in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region, which aims at changing the condition of the inhabitants’ life by addressing challenges in different domains of the community. Other project aiming at the revival of agriculture have been implemented in Berdvavan, Ayrum and Vazashen communities of Tavush region, Karahunj village of Syunik region and in Karmir Aghek village of Lori region.

For more information on the above projects as well as to watch news reports from some of these initiatives, please visit the news section of the Orange Foundation website.